The Art of Collaboration 2015

This is a past event
with Damon Soule

Monday 9th-Wednesday 11th February 2015

at Paradise One Eco retreat Coorabell NSW

The Art of Collaboration – Damon Soule
This will be a dynamic and experimental workshop focused on collaborative painting through intuitive layer building. Participants will work together in turns to construct a nonrepresentational interspace realm.
With each successive layer, we will explore a variety of mark making tools, colour theory, as well as space defining techniques such as push-pull, glazing, and perspective. Through collaboration, we learn valuable lessons for our art as well as our everyday lives. When we make art as a team we have to let go of our presupposed ideas that can often stump our growth as creative beings.
This process allows us to become less attached to individual brush strokes so that we can discover that perfect homeostasis we call a finished work. This workshop is for all range of experience, from the novice who wants a carefree and relaxed introduction to painting, to the more initiated who would like to explore a novel and fun approach.
Materials: I recommend to always having a sketchbook handy, all other materials will be provided.
Damon Soule has been painting for over twenty years and is a member of the collaborative group Furtherrr, who come together to produce large scale highly detailed paintings in short creative bursts of n-dimensional resolution.
Here are some images from the retreat
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the Art of Collabration. Collaborative painting with Damon SouleArt of CollaborationMark Lee (somnio8), Sparkles Positron at The Art of Collaboration