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The art of Vera Atlantia reflects the intimate connection to source and the deepening experience of spiritual awakening. In her work she explores themes such as divinity, healing, higher realms, unity consciousness and realizing ones true essence.
She experiences the practice of painting, writing, meditation and chanting as gateways leading to higher dimensions. During the process of creating she often enters deep states of ecstasy and transcendence, being infused with the light and bliss of the Creator.

Having experienced the healing power of creating art when being confronted with death she was led to train as a painting therapist. Soon after she initiated a regular painting workshop ‘Soul Painter’ which emphasized painting as a tool for self-inquiry & discovery.

Vera Atlantia works as an art teacher at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. She travels and gives sacred art workshops together with her partner Kuba Ambrose.

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