Kathrina Sofie


Kathrina Sofie

Kathrina has just added this information about her teaching method:

The course unit in “New Visions” is an introduction to the development of realistic and photo-realistic painting.

Starting with a photograph as a reference, the image is transferred onto the canvas. The image is then built up, step by step in oil.

The advantages and disadvantages of working with various mediums and materials in relation to detailed painting will be explained to the participants.


(The following is a translation from this German website)
Kathrina Sofie Baumgartner was born in Oberstdorf  Allgaeu. At a young age she discovered her passion for art, and painted & made drawings.
In 2003 Kathrina began full time study as a wood sculptor in Austria/Innsbruck. During this time she created her first fantastic realism sculptures.
In 2007 she gained honours and began her work as a freelance artist. She made trips to Paris & Florence to study the old masters.
In 2009 Kathrina traveled to Indonesia to initiate studying the techniques and secrets of Indonesian sculptors. She learnt wooden batik, & worked with local woods & tools.
In 2010 Prof. Ernst Fuchs gained the young artist’s attention & invited her to Klagenfurt am Worthersea. There she got the opportunity to work as an assistant to Fuch’s life’s work, the Fox Chapel of St. Egid church in Klagenfurt and worked there up to it’s opening on 30th Sept 2010.
In 2010/2011 there followed further stays in the studio of Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Vienna. From him she learnt not only mixing techniques, but also from his own artistic expression, deepening and developing her mental boundaries. She was impressed by many inspiring conversations and hours spent together in the studio with this great mentor, which shaped the young Kathrina.
In 2012 there appears the first limited edition bronzes  from Kathrina at the International art catalogue “ARS MUNDI”.
In 2012 A Certificate of Excellence was awarded to Kathrina in Leipzig as part of the Palm Art Award.
In 2013 The New International Encyclopaedia of the Surreal was published in January, with a total of 1,340 artists of the surreal & fantastic style being listed, including Rudolf Hauser, Nici de Saint Phalle, Gerd Bannuscher, Paul Wunderlich, Arik Brauer, & Kathrina Sofie as the youngest artist included.

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