Transmutative Art Feb. 2017


This is a Past Event



Our retreat with Adam Scott Miller was in  February 8th – 15th 2017  before Earth Frequency Festival

A Visionary Art in Paradise Workshop
with Adam Scott Miller (USA), accredited Master of Fine Arts, visionary artist and teacher at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

Transmutation: alchemical transformation of an evolving energy into another form.
The workshop of Transmutative Art is an intensive laboratory of visionary intention; for you- as magician, to wield the elements of art as tools of transmutation.
For artists of all levels of experience: bring forth what is within as an agent of change!

7 days of profound play, focused fun, and catalyzed creativity…..
Organic vegetarian meals & accommodation provided, amongst awe-inspiring beauty.
We will explore the most significant skills of image-making
learned by ASM in his 17 years as a full-time mystic artist.
This art-intensive is open to all skill levels, but requires dedication.
Each artist will be given ample attention for their own interests.

Some Images from Adam’s “Art is Magick” retreat Feb. 2016

AkashicBarron FallsCelestial ShoreCentripetal TransentienceCondewsyncDream Generator
Entheon GaiaEpiphany of SophiagenISISDivine Awakeningthumb_12771778_1670731313181795_4892429351664544427_o_1024thumb_P1100092_1024

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