Sacred Art Retreat Oct. 2015

SACRED ART  RETREAT – Art in Paradise

This is a past event

10 days with Kuba Ambrose & Vera Atlantia
16th – 25th October 2015 at Paradise One Retreat Centre, Coorabell, Byron Bay Hinterland,
Northern NSW Australia

What would Paradise look like? Is it a place or a state of being?

In this workshop we will explore our vision of paradise, bringing it into form through paint and intention.

Utilising both the tools of the imagination and a keen observation of nature, you will be guided to create your unique work of art.

In participating you will be instructed step by step through a traditional approach to egg tempera and oil painting.

The workshop will empower you to:

  • Strengthen your visionary capacity & paint your vision
  • Learn the principles of the Mischtechnik: rendering form with egg tempera & glazing with oil paint
  • Apply the principles of composition, line, value & colour
  • Envision Paradise through guided meditations
  • Merge imagery from nature & the imagination
  • Incorporate landscape & architectural elements
  • Depict crystalline forms, vegetation, fantastic and celestial beings
  • Connect to the Divine through sacred images
  • Deepen the connection to your essence & source of power

Paintings have the potential to act as doorways to access higher realms and uplift our lives. By focusing on the highest vision, we give song to the soul’s aspiration.

It is our intention to create a sacred space which allows all to flourish in their unique expression.

No previous art experience is required – both beginners and advanced students are welcome!

Limited places available.

Location –

The workshop is set in the lush, picturesque surrounds of the Byron Bay Hinterland, providing plenty of inspiration from the beautiful scenery.

Art in Paradise Sacred Art RetreatSacred Art Retreat - Naomi Gittoes - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Dani - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Yao - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - day 10 exhibitionSacred Art Retreat - Effie - work in progress
Sacred Art Retreat - Vanessa - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Irene - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Sam - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Yao - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Chandrika - work in progressSacred Art Retreat - Naomi Gittoes - first glaze
Sacred Art Retreat - music from John GoikoetxeaSacred Art Retreat - Amanda SageSacred Art Retreat - final night partySacred Art Retreat - students & Vera & Kuba

Paradise One
139 Newes Rd
Coorabell NSW 2479
(02) 6684 7348