After Retreat with Amanda Sage 2016
So far I have participated in two incredibly transformative retreats with Art in Paradise. These retreats have both been UPGRADES on every level of my being. I have goosebumps thinking about the transformation and expansion I have received from them.
To receive direct teachings from the worlds leading Visionary Artists in immersive, supportive workshop space. To explore our inner worlds together through art! To connect with a growing hive of incredible artists, many of whom I now call my close friends.  Not to mention the delicious food, luscious surroundings, and unexpected perks like ecstatic dance journeys, being serenaded by live musicians while painting, yoga, morning mud dance parties, just to name a few. Oh, my heart is about to burst. I can’t wait till the next time. I cannot recommend Art In Paradise enough.
Stephanie Rose Freeman. Hobart, Tasmania –  August 2017


Art in paradise with Amanda Sage, Christopher Urlirch. This was a magical week of wizard school, learning, creating, sharing, growing and getting tight. Many new friendships where made. Unbelievable art was created by all my brothers and sisters in this creative family

– Rady J Blackcrab –  213houseofbeleafs NSW – December 2016


After Retreat with Adam Scott Miller July 2017
The little oasis that is Paradise One will blow your socks off and re-Earth you, it will nourish you with soul food and enhance and enrich your psyche and artistic expression with teachings by visionary kings and queens. My 7-day retreat with Adam Scott Miller certainly did all of that and more. Loved IT!
Susannah Tosh. Gold Coast, Queensland – July 2017


After Retreat with Daniel Mirante October 2017
The 7 day “Vision Craft” retreat with Master painter Daniel Mirante learning the fundamentals of Mischtechnik was informative, invigorating and relaxing.  Daniel is a practical and knowledgeable teacher who doesn’t waste time with fanciful language, bullshit or ego stroking.  His focus is on technique and craftsmanship and those wishing to excel in their craft can be assured that attention is paid to the importance of the masterful manipulation of paint and fine-tuning of skills.
– Sophie Jackson, Yeppoon, Queensland – October 2017   

 ————————————————————————————————————————————————-       ~ a massssive shout out with fuuull gratifying respect and love to @amandasageart @joebobmerrittart @artistchristopherulrich AND @daniel.mirante for holding raaaadical workshops @artinparadisebyronbay for artists across the land of Oz !!!! this hub wouldn’t be where its at if it weren’t for @pattidragonflyart and Yao ~ Highhhhly recommend getting your creative vessels to any artist workshops that are held up north in Byron. Life changing. Would not be where I’m at with my art if it weren’t for these wise super duper fun full of light wizards! ~ The spaceship peace train nectar of star tripper alchemical magicians of light weaving creativity into the tapestry of humanity and oh mannnn what a rollercoaster with treasured moments cherished always ~Dhaiyana Moonsage Babaev. Warburton, Victoria, Australia – October 2017

—————————————————————————————————————————————————–Anyone with an interest in art or a curiosity to learn more about themselves and the craft of painting. I urge you to do yourself the favour of attending this workshop with David Heskin and Aloria Weaver at Paradise One (Byron Bay) in early December.I’ve attended 4 workshops at Paradise One and each time has been absolutely amazing beyond measure. Discovering these workshops has been one of the most important things I’ve done for my artistic development.Go go go! I will personally refund you all your money and give you all my brushes and my paints if you leave this workshop not feeling satisfied, I will also be your personal servant for the rest of time if you didn’t like it..What I’m trying to convey is that this stuff is legit. It WILL change your life if you dare let it. Supportive and super creative environment with two master painters looking out for you.If you’re still reading I’m not sure why you haven’t already signed up to be honest, but you definitely have the willpower and perseverance to succeed..
– Lasse Topbjerg Storgaard.  (Denmark) Western Australia – September 2017


After Retreat with David Heskin & Aloria Weaver December 2017
Last week I finished up on a 10-day painting retreat, The Alchemy of Oil Painting, lead by the incredible team DnÅ – aka David Heskin and Aloria Weaver

A ten day download of intense study, magic, ritual and connection. We became students of alchemy through an oil painting lense… or students of painting through an alchemical lense. Perhaps both!!

The reactivation of my student – something I had righteously pushed aside after attending an art school that didn’t suit my learning style. To have such advanced teachers still captivated in the endless wonder and mystery of study themselves was inspiring. It made them absolutely incredible teachers themselves, and a wealth of knowledge as well as being down to earth, goofy and relatable.


I have never painted myself exactly as I am before. I’ve never quite been okay with looking at myself exactly as I am, always through the lense of my “gotta be pretty” conditioning, and trying to paint myself to “look better” than I did in that moment.
This time I decided to paint myself exactly as I am and it felt so fucking good! The whole ten days I felt an intense calm in my process and this painting feels like the honouring and integration of my spirit self and my human self.

I just decided I’m going to call it “Integration”

These painting retreats are always a reset to my spirit and my practice, and I’m deeply grateful to the crew at Art in Paradise & Paradise One for bringing the most incredible teachers to us, and to create such a nurturing space to learn and transform within <3
“There’s no rules – there’s just ways to play”
Stephanie Rose Freeman. Hobart, Tasmania –  December 2017


I had the privilege of spending 10 days arting with my visionary art tribe in Paradise, under the brilliant and love-filled guidance of the illustrious Aloria Weaver & incredible David Heskin. It was an intensive 10 days of learning, alchemy, creativity and connection. My development as an artist over the 10 days was clear to see!
Lasse Topbjerg Storgaard.  (Denmark) Western Australia – December 20

—————————————————————————————————————————————————The ultimate happy place, where Justice is Served in an Octagon room of fine art badassery 🎨🙌🏼✨💜

Magical Life-Changing and life-affirming Painting intensive at a truly magnificent place on eARTh, Paradise Won. I couldn’t feel more honoured to share my everything with such humble AND magnificent fellow huemans and genius rainbow cosmicnauts. Indeed a wild dream come true: individually and collectively. Being more a feeler, I hope the emanating feels I gave out in bliss spoke louder than the words I spoke, yet yay to the way of articulation, where if one starts with art, I see you, better late than never. Art + Healing=heART. Love and blissings to all, that on more than just a tangent, means the awesome Tool fans. You know, those ones that don’t whine about waiting for a new album!! Sheesh!!! Mega 👁roll! Ok… that’s it for now, so far! Rock on! 🤘🏼Peace out, yo
– Irene Pavlekovic Canberra ACT – December 2017

——————————————————————————————————————————————————Sharing in my experience of Visionary Alchemy @artinparadisebyronbay
Much love to the entire visionary family ~ Transformation and opportunity for growth at every turn. The philosophy of painting is to paint more
– Bronwyn Morris – 213houseofbeleafs NSW – December 2017


I’d like to express immense amounts of gratitude towards David and Aloria for being fantastic mentors with such deep, inspired and authentic wisdom emanating from the very cores of their being.
Thank you so much. What a journey, and in so many different ways. I feel deeply inspired by this experience and I know that the seeds planted will stretch far beyond the allocated 10 days ( :p ) and I will continue to grow and learn from this experience for a very long time…. (/ever)
Something divine dissatisfaction
ANYWAY this experience has felt like truth. So thank you 😁
– Rosemary Daws – Adelaide SA December 2017