Required Materials


An email will be sent to all enrolled students prior to the workshop.

Adam’s Materials List 

Students are welcome to bring any materials, mediums, and tools to supplement the necessities. We will be working on 18×24” (inches) paper that will be glued to an 18×24” Ampersand Hardbord (provided by Paradise One, covered in your Materials Fee). The first stage of the artwork will be utilising dry media, then sealing with Liquitex Gloss Varnish (covered in your Materials Fee), and completing with paints. Provided will be the mediums ASM uses, for Oil: a mixture of Liquid and Drying Linseed Oil; for Acrylic: Liquitex Gloss Medium/Varnish.


– Charcoal Pencils = 6B, 4B, 2B, HB

– Graphite Pencils

– Vine/Willow charcoal

– White Chalk Pencil, Ex.:

– White Conte-Crayon. Ex.:

– White Colored Pencil

– coloured pencils (Prismacolor is my choice brand. Quality pencils have more pigment in ratio to binder)

– Kneadable eraser

– “Hard” Eraser, Ex.:

– Pencil sharpener

– drawing/painters masking tape

– a variety of permanent ink pens (i.e. micron, 005-08 sizes, most useful: Black). Example:

– Acrylics and/or Oils,  Minimum: titanium white, cadmium red, [cobalt or cerulean] blue, cadmium yellow. Quality paint is determined by pigment/medium-binder ratio. One of the best oils: Old Holland. One of the best acrylics: Liquitex Heavy Body

– variety of brushes (ASM prefers rounds, liners, filberts… of mostly small size, i.e. 2/0 – 4)

– brush soap (only necessary for oils), example:

– chalk and/or soft pastels (Minimum: the colors you are most likely to use, vibrant IMHO are most effective for “particles”)

– Varnishing Brush (relatively soft, 4-10cm, quality= hairs don’t fall out) Example:

– Sketchbook

– Pencils and/or Pens for sketching and writing“

Suggested Tools:

– laptop for references, though color-printer will be on hand

– any books, photos, drawings, images you wish to bring for inspiration

– music & headphones

– tracing/transfer paper

– palettes (anything that makes sense to you. ASM uses vitamin bottle caps)

– rags for cleaning brushes/paint

-2 Small stainless steel container/cups or small jars with lids for mediums. 

-paint pens like Poscas if you have them

brushes:  1x small round tip oil painting brush (0 or 1 size see photo)

1x small round tip ‘rigger’ brush (1 or 2 size)

1x medium round (between 2-4 size)

1 x flat filbert (size 4)

1x flat filbert brush oil painting brush (between size 6-8)

artist paint brush types

artist paint brush types

palette knife-no.120-70mm

palette knife-no.120-70mm







Chris Dyer’s Materials List 

Bring your Acrylic paints & brushes
Chris will be doing some demos of his methods
If you have spray paint you can bring it to try his method of spray painting.

If you have some found wooden objects like a skateboard deck or something else you would like to paint up bring that. You need to sand & prepare these at home, & maybe gesso them also. The plan is to mostly be concentrating on Adam’s piece &  Chris will be joining to compliment that, but there is also an option to do a work with Chris.

Other Requirements

food will be provided but you may wish to bring snacks and teas & milk etc. (We provide soymilk)
We have a swimming pool & a nice waterhole in the creek so bring your swimmers!

There are 2 excellent Art Stores in Byron Bay’s Industrial Estate:

3 Centennial Circuit Arts & Industry Estate Byron Bay Ph: (02) 6685 5808

Byron Art Supplies
97 Centennial Circuit Arts & Industry Estate Byron Bay Ph: (02) 66808010