David Heskin & Aloria Weaver


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A lifelong artist, David Michael Heskin began oil painting in 1995. His first 15 years with oils were largely self-guided, after which time he sought out teachers of artistic techniques that are on the brink of being lost. Many years later, having studied in three distinct and direct master’s lineages, his original work has become an integrated expression of this artistic trinity. With an artistic focus to elegantly fuse the richness of traditional symbolic themes with the innovative spirit of a modern renaissance man, David lives in service to drawing forth new visions that invite a wide audience to bask in the inspirational light of creativity.

David’s paintings are inventive in their forms as he has taken his art far beyond the limitations of the status quo, into an altogether unprecedented realm. By devising techniques which allow his canvases to be constructed in nearly any shape, the form of the painting itself becomes suited to adequately fulfill the depth of his visions. In an exploration of creative freedom through elegant forms and impossible angles, his driving aspiration is to create artifacts and visual experiences which are otherwise unavailable to the human eye.

In 2014 David and his wife, the artist Aloria Weaver, opened Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios in Colorado where they exhibit their work in the context of diverse solo and group exhibitions. There they teach regular intensives on traditional and innovative painting methods and techniques.

David Heskin’s artwork is exhibited in museums, galleries, cultural centers, theaters and private collections throughout North America, Europe and beyond.


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“Art has the capacity, through beauty, to illuminate the transcendent aspects of human existence and to deepen the otherwise limited perceptions of the mundane world.  My life is a ceaseless quest to reveal hidden truths and through Art, to weave a tapestry of metaphor, myth and archetype into a fantastic dreamscape that speaks to the primordial soul.  Painting is a form of meditation for me– an expression of my reverence for the Living Universe, a key that unlocks cosmic mysteries, and a prismatic path to expanded states of consciousness.”


Aloria Weaver was born in 1979 in western New York.  She began oil painting in 1993 as an apprentice to several professional artists at the Buffalo Art Studios of Western New York.  She later studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, then SUNY at Buffalo.  Weaver currently holds three distinct artistic lineages: training in classical realism through the Loveland Atelier (alumni of the Florence Academy of Art in Italy); training in traditional egg tempera and gilding through an unbroken transmission from master to student dating back to Fra Angelico in 1430; and Mischtechnik (or mixed technique), a process of painting with tempera and oil glazes that was thought to be the secret method of the Italian Renaissance masters, and later revived by Viennese artist, Professor Ernst Fuchs.

Aloria Weaver studied the human form through life drawing, figurative sculpture, oil painting, anatomy & physiology courses, and hands-on through Massage Therapy and Cranio-sacral Therapy.  Throughout her academic studies, Weaver explored a variety of mediums, including bronze casting; ceramic sculpture; photography; etching & printmaking; ultimately devoting herself to oil painting.

After working as co-curator for several galleries in upstate NY, Weaver relocated to Seattle, WA in 2005, where she met the artist, David Heskin. The two began collaborating together immediately and were later married in 2010. Together, Weaver and Heskin travel extensively throughout the US and Europe, painting, teaching, exhibiting and giving lectures and presentations.

Weaver and Heskin have a private gallery and studio in Loveland, CO called Luminous Flux, where they offer regular oil painting classes.  They are also instructors at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria (the world’s first international school for Visionary Art) and the Academy’s summer program in Italy.

Weaver has exhibited work in a multitude of prominent locations in the US, including Alex Grey’s MicroCoSM Gallery (NYC), the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (OR), the Fenario Gallery (OR), the Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), the Temple of Visions Gallery in (Los Angeles, CA) and Bash Contemporary (San Francisco, CA). Outside of the United States, Weaver’s artwork has been exhibited and sold in Austria, Hungary, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.

Paintings by David Heskin & Aloria Weaver

Aloria_ DemonstrationAloria_Portrait LayersDavid_glazing demonstrationDnA Hofburg Palace PresentationDnA Materials and MediumsDnA_ Luminary
DnA_ClassroomHeskin_Angels TrumpetHeskin_Carved in LightHeskin_ColorgasmHeskin_Crystal TempleHeskin_Mona Prima
Heskin_NamastesisHeskin_Omnisentient LuminanceWeaver_Celestial MissionWeaver_Guardian of the Golden MysteryWeaver_Heskin Anima MundiWeaver_Heskin Axis Mundi
Weaver_Heskin Four Angels of the ApocalypseWeaver_Heskin Liminal RiteWeaver_Heskin LuminaryWeaver_Heskin MorphomythologyWeaver_Portrait of a MysticWeaver_Sacred Heart of the Blessed Mother Gaia
Weaver_Submersive SynchromysticWeaver_Telepathic Portal to the Gaian MindWeaver_Through the Looking Glass