Adam Scott Miller


 Adam Scott Miller

Adam Scott Miller, an acute and lifelong visionary artist, has an education from two of the United States’ top art-schools: with a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art.

Throughout his artistic development, Adam has learned a vast array of principles for how we see optically, perceptually and spiritually. He lives and works in Kuranda, Queensland as a studio artist and mentor.

During his creative evolution, he has integrated various schools of thought and consciousness-development skills, with profound personal experiences: into his unique vision as an artist.

The artworks of ASM are praised globally for their refined craftsmanship, and elegant envisioning of his perceptions from the frontier of discovering majestic beauty in the environments around, and within us. Adam is acclaimed for his oil paintings, digital paintings, video animations, public speaking, teaching and performances as a live-painter.

Most of Adam’s work is painted in his own original technique- which often involves oil paint, acrylic paint, chalk pastel, and pencils on bristol paper mounted to cradled board.

Here are some images of Adam Scott Miller’s paintings.

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FulfillmentFlowerHand and MindHandling the Effectual PrismPre-Sent PrescienceThermodynamic Horizon