Michael Fuchs Retreat

A Visionary Art Painting Retreat with Michael Fuchs
March 30 – APRIL 5th 2019

Father of contemporary mischtechnik and founder of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art , the late Ernst Fuchs of Vienna


Michael Fuchs offers an intensive insight into the important elements of Fa Presto oil painting and the fine art of pictorial choreography to move the eye of the beholder through the painting. Fa presto is Italian for do it quickly and combines heightening in white with wet in wet alla prima on a beige or warm gray imprimatura.

He will guide artists into atmospheric painterly qualities using a direct approach which offers a faster, more romantic realism than traditional layering techniques.

Artists will develop their own ideas while applying the principles of old master painting techniques. This includes the beauty of anatomy and composition and the effective use of colour, spatial effects and distribution of light.

Michael offers atelier and academic training in realism and atmosphere. Throughout the course, classic master’s techniques will be demonstrated and student are posed with exercises while Michael roams the studio providing individual attention.

Artists skills will be picked up from wherever they are at. New painters wanting realism and beauty will be given technical assignments. Artists who wish to deepen their own style, fantastic realism or visionary art, will be taught how to apply the old master’s techniques to their own visions.

* * All materials and easels provided. Ideal brushes for this method will be recommended and available. * *


Students are welcome to bring:
1 Work in Progress for additional guidance
Personal easel to set their preferred studio space


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